IBM Systems Technical University 14 – 18 May 2018 | London, United Kingdom Novotel West London

logo14 IBM Systems Technical University  14 – 18 May 2018 | London, United Kingdom Novotel West London


Circle Software will be presenting at:

IBM Systems Technical University

14 – 18 May 2018 | London,
United Kingdom
Novotel West London

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Using CICS Performance Analyzer to ensure optimum performance for CICS systems and applications

Ezriel Gross and Ian Deeley

This session will discuss how CICS Performance Analyzer helps CICS sites to achieve optimum performance for their CICS systems and applications. It will explain how CICS PA provides detailed reporting and analysis of CICS transactions and systems to ensure any performance issues are identified quickly before they cause costly degradation or outages.

Friday 11:00-12:00 D3 Fronsac


Streamlining the provisioning and management of CICS systems and applications

Ian Deeley and Ezriel Gross
Systems Management

Thursday 13:45-14:45 D10 Pomerol


Using CICS Configuration for efficient management of CICS resources

Ezriel Gross and Ian Deeley
Systems Management

This session will discuss how CICS Configuration Manager for z/OS helps CICS sites to manage CICS resources efficiently with full audit control and back out capabilities. It will explain how CICS CM can help to automate CICS resource definition management and deployment for resources that reside on CSDs, CPSM Data Repository and zFS files.

Wednesday 9:00-10:00 D10 Pomerol


Need more?

Come train with us at Circle Software:

CICS TS Systems Administration (5 days)

  • This 5 day instructor-led course is intended for those who have the responsibility for administering CICS TS systems.
  • The course combines formal lectures with a series of practical exercises.
  • Over the course of the week, the attendees build and operate an actual CICS TS system from scratch.
  • The Hands on exercises provide the opportunity to create a CICS region from scratch.
  • Once created, subsequent lectures and exercises will allow the definition and management of resources within it.
  • The topics and exercises are delivered in a sequence providing a logical sequence to the process

CICS Boot Camp (10 days)

  • This comprehensive ten-day ‘Boot Camp’ type course provides attendees with an accelerated learning approach to system support for CICS Transaction Server (CICS TS) for z/OS.
  • The course is designed for students new to the CICS TS for z/OS environment who need to develop the skills to administer the product.
  • The hands-on lab exercises follow presentation topics giving students the opportunity to try out their newly-gained skills immediately.
  • The course will start with an introduction to CICS TS for z/OS concepts and facilities.
  • Students will build a CICS TS from scratch and use the CICS provided tool, such as CEMT, CEDA, and the CICS Explorer, to define and manage CICS resources.
  • Once created, subsequent lectures and exercises will allow the definition and management of resources of additional resources within it.
  • The student will advance past the basic build of a CICS region to defining and supporting more advanced resources such as “bundles” and the “event binding” area.
  • The student created CICS will be configured as part of a CICSPlex.

CICS Performance Tuning (4 days)

  • This course includes topics relevant to CICS TS 5.
  • It is designed to take Systems Programmers through the main components of CICS to help them understand how various parameters, design concepts, CICS facilities, operating systems facilities and network facilities affect the performance of CICS systems.
  • Students are encouraged to bring statistics and resource definitions from their own systems to make the class more useful.

CICS Application Programming Workshop (5 days)

  • This five-day, hands-on course explains the functions and facilities of CICS, and teaches how to write efficient application programs using command level CICS.
  • On completing this course attendees will have written at least two CICS programs utilizing a wide variety of CICS facilities and have run several CICS transactions.
  • Attendees will gain an understanding of the need for an application architecture separating presentation from business/data logic, and will become familiar with BMS maps.
  • The course covers the commonly used API options, with hands on exercises on a CICS/TS system.

CICS Structure and Debugging (5 days)

  • The purpose of this class is to enable Systems Programmers to begin building an understanding of CICS architecture from the ground up.
  • By understanding the Kernel, Dispatcher, Transaction Manager and the Application domains, not only do all of the subsequent components in the ‘Structure & Debugging’ fall into place, but also the fundamentals for Debugging, Performance Tuning and Application Design begin to become a reality.
  • Describes the Domain Architecture of CICS TS.
  • Understand the dispatching of work on multiple TCBs including L8/L9, J8/J9, X8/X9, S8, SO, SL, CQ, SP and QR.
  • Understand how work gets into CICS by a variety of means & understand how the Loader and Program Manager domains work.
  • Debug CICS system & transaction problems.
  • Be familiar with IPCS & the CICS verbexit.
  • Begin to tune CICS TS
  • Understand the CICS/DB2 interface and the exploitation of Threadsafe programs.

CICS Configuration Manager Concepts and Facilities (3 days)

  • IBM CICS Configuration Manager for z/OS (CICS CM) is a product that helps you modernize, simplify, and streamline the administration of CICS resources.
  • The product reduces the cost, risk, and time of CICS administration and provides you with an audit trail and reporting of changes to help meet your regulatory obligations (such as SOX).
  • In this class, CICS CM is discussed in relationship with CICSPlex SM & CICS Explorer.
  • This course provides you with hands-on experience in using CICS Configuration Manager to manage a CICS environment.

CICS Performance Analyzer Concepts and Facilities (3 days)

  • IBM CICS Performance Analyzer for z/OS (CICS PA) provides you with performance and troubleshooting information about your CICS transactions and CICS environment.
  • CICSPA provides a turn-key performance and health analysis tool by leveraging existing CICS logging capabilities.
  • This course provides you with the tools you need to quickly set up the main reporting in CICS PA as well as empowering you to customize deep and detailed reporting that suites your organizational requirements.
  • This course not only provides you with comprehensive knowledge of CICS PA but will improve you understanding of the various facets of CICS performance managements.