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Guaranteed to Run on December 11, 2017:

CICS System Administration (CSA) – 5 Days

One of our most popular CICS courses, CICS System Adminstration (course code CSA) has been completely updated to incorporate the new facilities and functions introduced in CICS TS V4 and 5.

This 5 day instructor-led course is intended for those who have the responsibility for administering CICS TS systems. The course combines formal lectures with a series of practical exercises. Over the course of the week, the attendees build and operate an actual CICS TS system from scratch.

The hands on exercises provide the opportunity to create a CICS region from scratch. Once created, subsequent lectures and exercises will allow the definition and management of resources within it. The topics and exercises are delivered in a sequence providing a logical sequence to the process. Click here for full details.


On completion attendees will be able to:

  • Perform all CICS administration duties
  • Use the CEDA transaction to dynamically define resources
  • Use administrative interfaces such as the CICS Explorer and DFHCSDUP utility
  • List the resource naming conventions & maintain the macro coded table entries
  • Explain the effect system initialization parameters have on performance, reliability and availability
  • Define and understand the use of resources and facilities such as: Terminals, Profiles, Task dispatching, System initialization, Programs, Mapsets, Virtual storage management, Inter CICS channel communication using (MRO, ISC, and IPIC), Event Processing, File definitions, LSR pool usage, TS & TD queues, DB2 and WMQ connectivity, CICS Logging, Event processing and much more.

Take the class at Circle Software HQ in Parsippany, NJ or at your desk virtually on December 11, 2017.

Like to know more about the course? Click here for full details.