New and updated courses! Circle Software’s 2018 training catalog now available

logo21 New and updated courses! Circle Softwares 2018 training catalog now available

Circle Software is proud to announce our new and updated training list for 2018! Click on the links below for details!

Highlights for 2018

New courses

The following courses are new for 2018:

IBM MQSeries Application Programming Workshop (MQAW) – 3 Days

This course is designed for personnel who will be developing and/or supporting IBM MQ applications. The course is an intensive, practical, ‘hands-on’ workshop. For public presentations, the course is taught with students using either COBOL or C, and the practical sessions running in a Windows environment.

For one-company, on-site presentations this course can be run using the compiler environment and platform of the customer’s choice. Options for the workshop include z/OS, Windows, .Net, UNIX and Solaris, using COBOL, C or Java Base Class MQI. Click here for details.

DB2 for Linux/UNIX/Windows: Boot Camp (LUWB) – 10 Days

This comprehensive and challenging course is ideal for Database Administrators, applications programmers, designers and/or analysts who are responsible for developing and maintaining an efficient DB2 LUW environment. The presentation combines formal classroom teaching with hands-on, practical workshop sessions. The course introduces and explains all aspects of relational technology as implemented by DB2 for Linux, UNIX or MS Windows. This is followed by a detailed explanation of how to use advanced DB2 functions for tuning programs in order to optimize their performance. Click here for details.

IBM z/Systems for Managers (INMA) – 1 Day

This new one-day course is an essential for all technical managers working in the z Enterprise environment. The course explains the essentials of IBM’s System z at a conceptual & terminological level. De-mystifying much of what managers will often encounter daily. Attendees will also learn about the relationships between the various hardware and software components, as well as the many organizational issues involved in running a complex z Enterprise infrastructure.  The course is taught by System z specialists with both in-depth technical expertise and line-management experience in large-system data centers. Click here for details.

SNA TCP\IP Integration (CTSI) – 3 Days

This course introduces the issues, problems, and solutions to the challenges in integrating SNA & TCP/IP networks. Emphasis is placed on open standard solutions (via RFCs) although some innovative vendor-specific solutions are also included. All variations of SNA are covered, including subarea SNA & APPN (including APPN/HPR). This course is primarily concerned with identifying the areas of difficulty, suggesting standard solutions & make sensible choices for their networks. Click here for details.

Updated courses

The following courses have been updated for 2018:

IBM MQSeries Application Programming  Extended (MQS2) – 4 Days

The first day of this course provides delegates with a sound understanding of IBM’s IBM MQSeries messaging system. The following three days are a practical workshop, where attendees may choose to practice the MQ API using either a z/OS platform, programming in COBOL, Assembler or PL/I. Alternatively, attendees can exercise the WMQ Base Java classes using the MQ client in a Windows environment. Click here for details.

DB2 for z/OS: Technical Support & Operations (DBTS) – 3 Days

Taught from a technical support/computer operations perspective, this course introduces, describes and explains the fundamental principles of DB2 for z/OS. The course also explains the relational theory and concepts, and shows how DB2 adheres to them. The concepts of DB2 data storage, the DB2 system and its operation, Structured Query Language, the use of DB2 Interactive (DB2I), and the management of DB2 data using standard utility tasks are also introduced and explained. Click here for details.

DB2 for z/OS: Application Developer (DBAP) – 10 Days

This comprehensive ten-day ‘Boot Camp’ course provides attendees with an accelerated learning approach to developing applications in a DB2 for z/OS environment. The course is ideal for those coming new to the DB2 for z/OS environment. The regular, hands-on lab exercises give students the opportunity to try out their newly-gained skills immediately. Throughout the course reference will be made to best practices to ensure that the SQL and application programs will run efficiently and effectively. On successfully completing this boot camp, attendees will have reached the skill level needed to enable them to write, maintain and amend programs for a DB2 for z/OS environment. Click here for details.

z/OS & JES3 Operations (1043) – 2 Days

This two-day course provides a view of z/OS (with JES3 as the job entry subsystem) through the eyes of the operator and the operator console. The course covers the most relevant commands and activities that could be required by a z/OS/JES3 operator. Click here for details.

z/OS JCL Workshop Part 2 – Advanced Functions & Utilities (TQ) – 3 Days

This course builds on the skills taught in the definitive introductory JCL course –z/OS JCL Workshop Part 1 – Foundation Skills (TM). It teaches the exploitation of the important advanced features & facilities available in z/OS JCL. It also shows how JCL maintenance can be simplified to aid productivity.

The course also introduces and explains the use of DFSORT ICETOOL, a dataset reporting utility that provides a batch front-end for DFSORT, which can perform complex sorting, copying, merging, reporting and analytical tasks using multiple datasets in a single job. This tool can be called from a program or executed directly in a batch job. ICETOOL provides a set of ‘operators’ that provides a wide variety of tasks. This course shows how to effectively exploit the benefits offered by this utility. Click here for details.

Training with Circle Software

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