The ultimate problem determination product for CICS.

What does it do?

  • Displays problem areas
  • Gives detailed suggestions to solve any performance problems
  • Does not change system settings on the fly

C\Trek provides detailed information on:

  • VSAM Files
  • CICS parameters
  • DB2 temporary storage & transient data
  • Operating system – (MVS OS/390, z/OS & VSE)
  • Statistics queuing information
  • and more

C\Trek provides diagnostic information on the following areas:

  • CICS system and definitions problems
  • Files and definitions problems
  • Program and definition problems
  • Possible operating system problems
  • and more

Use the Abend Handler to:

  • Captures SOS, storage violations and ASRA abends
  • Maintains an on-line log of the cancellations for a system
  • Intercept routine designed to display current data only
  • Combines information gathered from several storage violations

Included in your free trial:

  • A consultant onsite for 2 days who will install C\Trek
  • Education for you and your staff
  • Tune your CICS environment using C\Trek
  • 30 day free trial

For more information, please contact us.