Deploys CICS COBOL applications as web services or calls web services from CICS COBOL without writing code to parse XML

C\Parse will bring your company significant savings by reducing the cost of coding and testing CICS web services and XML parsing programs.

TCP/IP/HTTP(S) with XML technology has been available for use by CICS application programs for several releases now, the challenge in this technology is to understand the XML protocol, write and debug COBOL parser programs.

The complete process carries a substantial development cost for most companies.


  • Helps minimize the cost associated with developing and maintaining COBOL parser programs.
  • Enables your company to build COBOL copybooks from XML documents. These copybooks are used as inputs into C\Parse, which will generate a complete COBOL parsing program that communicates with a server/client via XML and with the application program via commarea or channel/container.
  • COBOL/CICS programmers continue to code the business application as before. The burden of translating XML documents back and forth will be performed by the C\Parse generated program.
  • Saves time and effort required to build the parser manually.
  • Speeds up your development time as it offers debugging tools, which it generates automatically.
  • Debugging tools consume an XML document and activate a generated parser as a web server for testing. This allows you to test the parsing before the back-end application is complete. These same tools generate web screens for testing when the parser generated is client based.

CPARSE Diagram 1024x226 C\Parse

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