C\Flow is a CICS web support product that acts as a listener for TCP/IP requests made from a client, using a HTTP protocol, to a z/OS CICS region, passing data to applications that use either a CICS COMMAREA or channel and containers communication.

clfowv12 diagram1 1024x154 C\Flow

The client can be running on any hardware that can make a HTTP request over TCP/IP. Clients make a standard HTTP POST requests sending data in various formats. The C\Flow listener is configured to call a single program passing the data in the HTTP body. This gives you the ultimate in flexibility since you can develop a standard for communication between a client and CICS.

Clients Implemented

  • Java programs
  • C#.NET and VB.NET
  • C programs running on a PC
  • Web browser using a HTML page
  • Visual Basic


  • Depending on your current process, C\Flow can perform better than CTG (Mainframe), MQ and native MVS sockets in the area of 30% to as high as 98%. Results will vary.

new release starburst 150x150 C\Flow

C\Flow release highlights

IBM Explorer for z/OS Eclipse plug-in

  • Quickly construct and submit C\Flow requests
  • View detailed application responses
  • Kick start client application development using automatically generated java client code
  • Generate test scripts that can be used to conduct automated application testing

C\Flow Outbound

  • Quickly construct and submit C\Flow requests

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