The growing complexity and increased availability of your mainframe technology across a number of platform & Operating Systems has brought Circle to the forefront of our clients strategic planning and technical problem resolutions

Circle’s key areas of expertise are: CICS, DB2, WebSphere MQSeries and more….

CICS WEB Services & Web Support
Design, development and implementation of the CICS Web Service & CICS Web Support

Performance Evaluation. Monitoring & Tuning
To ensure that systems and applications consistently perform to user requirements and defined service levels

Capacity Planning
Workload forecast and resource requirements.

System and Application Standards
Formal standards for development, implementation, change control, etc.

Package Evaluation
Pre-acquisition analysis of functionality, comparative benefits, facility and resource requirements.

Problem Management
Implementation of effective reporting, escalation and resolution procedures.

Problem Resolution
Determining the cause of system and application failure.

System and Application Design
Quality assurance throughout the design and development project phases, to ensure that applications deliver the required functionality and performance.

Design, development and implementation of CICS, DB2 & MQSeries enhancement features.

Conversion and Renovation
Re-engineering of old (legacy?)
IMS -> DB2
3270 -> Web

Web Enablement

Design, development and implementation

IBM™ CICS™ Performance Analyzer for z/OS (CICS PA)
This is a reporting tool to enable and management of CICS systems, CICS PA is compatible with all CICS systems operating on z/OS.

 CICS PA Benefits:
Improve CICS Transactions response
Improve CICS region usage
Analysis of CICS application performance
Evaluate CICS systems tuning outcomes

IBM™ CICS™ Configuration Manager for z/OS (CICS CM)
This is a tool for managing CICS resource definitions. CICS CM manages resource definitions across CICS regions, enabling you to systematically migrate a set of changes that have been made in your development CICS environment to your test environment, and then on to your production environment. Great part of this product, you have the ability to back out the changes at any time.

IBM™ Transaction Analysis Workbench (TAW)
This is a tool for analyzing problems with the performance or behavior of z/OS-based transactions. TAW provides a platform for investigating logs and other historical data collected during processing and system operations.

Circle will help with CICS PA, CICS CM & TAW the following:


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