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Through the years Circle has formed active relationships with its customers, working to meet the growing needs of consultants, corporations and government agencies. Circle provides a “personal touch” by customizing courses and offering onsite training, an important option for companies with large numbers of employees.

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Historical Timeline

2018 Circle Software’s Ezriel Gross is recognized as an IBM Champion on Acclaim for his contributions to the mainframe.

2017 Circle Software goes from strength to strength, winning awards at SHARE and releasing version 1.2 of our latest product, C\Prof: Transaction profiling for CICS.
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2016 As the growth of business expanded, Circle moved to a new location in Parsippany, New Jersey. This new facility houses the Consulting and Technical Software Support staff, as well as computer-equipped classrooms with hands-on classes in CICS, DB2, MQSeries, z/OS and more. Circle offers debugging and programming classes with highly professional and technical instructors. We deliver quality education, consulting services and software products in the United States and worldwide.

2009 The Fundi group establishes Circle Software Inc and acquires the business of Circle Computer Group in New Jersey.  The new operation, established as an IBM Business Partner, specializes in the provision of CICS education, including the famed Circle CICS wall chart, consulting, developing and selling software.

2003 Circle joins forces with RSM in the United Kingdom. This enables Circle Computer Group LLC to offer clients a one stop shop in education. Circle now offers education in application development, z/OS, WebSphere, networking, and more.

1997 Circle had outgrown the office in New York and moved to a larger location in Wayne, New Jersey. This new facility houses the Consulting and Technical Software Support staff, as well as computer-equipped classrooms where hands-on classes in CICS, DB2 and MQSeries debugging and programming are held. Circle became a business partner with IBM, which allows IBM and Circle to deliver quality education in the U.S.

1995 Circle Education in the United Kingdom was reformed as Circle Computer Group, Ltd. with three major divisions; Software, Education and Consultancy. One year later, Circle Education in the United States changed their name to Circle Computer Group LLC to accommodate the same products and services that were available in the U.K. and Europe.

1993 Circle Education expanded their education expertise to DB2 and IMS. As Circle Education in the U.S. built up its clientele, Circle in the United Kingdom had found a need for mainframe software, and began to undergo some significant changes.

1990 Circle Education established offices in Sydney, Australia and New York City, U.S.A.

1984 Circle Education was formed to meet the overwhelming education requirements of the CICS community. Within two years, Circle was recognized as the leading provider of CICS education in the United Kingdom and Europe.

1977 Circle was established as a CICS consulting company in the United Kingdom.

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